Kinda Dangerous Video Production

Dangerously Effective Marketing & Advertising Videos


At Kinda Dangerous Media we specialize in creating videos focused on telling your story in a way which meets your goals, entertains and informs your customers and creates action. Not only is video advertising more popular than traditional print media – it is also extremely trackable and most importantly – shareable


We are producers of amazing video storytelling for small businesses with content strategy in mind. Sure we will meet your goals but we will also create content built with your customers in mind. What do they want to know? What do they need to learn? What do they find compelling? And why are you the right business to address their needs? These are the sort of questions we ask you so that through video we can bring your message to life. In business for almost 15 years, we have been producing videos for clients large and small and pride ourselves on always going “above and beyond” expectations. In 2017 we introduced a completely new type of video, P.O.P. Videos, a revolutionary approach to creating marketing and advertising web videos. We have found a way to minimize involvement of our clients in the creation process while not sacrificing quality. Quick turnaround and no fee until the video is complete – this is an alternative to tradition video production which as one of our clients commented is “a no-risk, no-brainer” – We liked that he “got it”.

P.O.P Videos Pay-on-Performance

Video Solution for the Digital Age


Finally your business can have an affordable Professional Marketing & Advertising Video to embed on your website and post on social media platforms – and you only pay if you like it.
What do you have to lose?

How do we do it? We only need a few minutes of your time to discuss your messaging goals, then we shoot on-the-spot footage – and in less than two weeks we will present you with your professionally scripted and edited video. A Marketing & Advertising opportunity with trackable results.


Full Service Video Production


Unlike with P.O.P Videos, full service video clients are involved in the entire process from script and budget approvals to being present for shooting days during production they are involved in final screening approvals during the post-production process. Just like in film and television production, the most important part of any video is the script because it operates as the blueprint for the rest of the entire production. Therefore if it is important for you to be able to manage the narrative – full-service video production is probably the best solution for you.  Also unlike P.O.P. videos, full service videos come in a wide range of budgets depending on the level of production – The higher the level of production, the higher the budget.


Call today to discuss which video solution is right for you.