Web Design

Users • Goals • Brand

We don’t just build good looking websites – we build effective ones with the user experience, clients’ goals and branding in mind

It is critical that when building a website we understand what your users want to do when they get there. Have you ever visited a website and then left in frustration when you couldn’t quickly find the information you were looking for?

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Some visitors may want to gather information, some may want to contact you, some may want to buy something, some may want to sign-up for your newsletter. Whatever it is they are looking for, we will make sure we create a website which offers a seamless user experience which will convert casual visitors into customers.

A website is not just about having a website because as a business “you should”. The number one goal of every website should be to convert visitors into customers. So a website should not only meet the goals of the users but it should also meet the goals of your clients.

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We work hard to understand these goals and create high conversion rates for you. The most basic, yet most important question we ask our clients is; what do you want your users to do? Pick up the phone, request a quote, sign-up for your newsletter, follow your social media, or purchase your product? We will help you meet all of your most important goals.

Every aspect of your website should speak to your brand. From the “voice” of the web copy to style to color to images to messaging and more – an effective website should tell your brand story.

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Have you ever visited a website and just from the pictures and bios of the team you can tell if this is a serious all business company or a casual jeans-everyday kind of company? Your website should tell your visitor who you are and what your brand represents – at a glance.

Effective Web Design answers these 3 questions about your audience...

Custom WordPress Sites

There is a reason WordPress is #1 open-source
Content Management System in the world. It allows
you to manage your content and offers flexibility,
Open-source, scalability, security and is responsive
across platforms from PC to tablets to mobile.


All of our websites are built with SEO in mind
maximizing your search engine ranking and
searchability factor.

Web Content/Copywriting

Web content is not web copy. To put it simply – web content is every bit of content on your website including press releases, social media etc. It is changeable and is not necessarily meant to drive conversion. Copywriting is meant to advertise your business and drive your visitors to action. Most of our clients supply us with web copy – but if you need copywriting we are there to write it for you.

Video Content

Our background is in video production. With video content being king at the moment if you want to create video content – which can also help boost your search engine ranking – and embed video content into your website, we can write, direct and produce a video version of your brand story which you can also utilize across social media channels – another way to drive traffic back to your website.

Web Marketing

What is Web Marketing?
Web marketing – also known as Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing – is a general term for marketing products and/or services done on the Internet.
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